Personal Data Protection Law
  • KVKK and GDPR compliance services
  • KVKK and GDPR compliance audit and reporting
  • KVKK and GDPR educational trainings
  • Consultancy on drafting of personal data inventory, internal rules, policy, procedures, BCR.
  • Consultancy on data subject and Personal Data Protection Authority relations & responses
  • Post-compliance audit, review and consultancy services
  • GDPR, DPO as a service
Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, corporate reorganization
  • Due Diligence
  • Establishment of companies, joint ventures, liaison offices, branches and so forth
  • Drafting and revising of distribution, franchising, agency and other commercial contracts
  • Drafting and revising of shareholders, share purchase agreements, MoU and so forth
  • Legal counseling on matters related to daily business of the companies
  • Competition Law
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Company dissolution procedures (Liquidation, Technical Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy)
  • Transportation Law
Intellectual Property, Telecommunication and Media Law
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Anti-Piracy, Anti-Infringement Implementations
  • Advertisement (Copyright and all Contracts)
  • Cinema, TV Dramas, Film Production (All Contracts)
  • Patent
  • Trademark, Industrial Design
  • Copyright
  • Licensing


Administrative and Tax Law


Labour Law
  • Drafting and revising of employment contracts
  • Drafting and revising of subcontractor / outsourcing contracts
  • Preparing employee benefit plans, code of conduct and related corporate governance documents


Real Estate Law
  • Real Estate DD procedures
  • Real Estate developments
  • Sale and Lease Agreements


Litigation and Arbitration
  • Representation in all trial and arbitration proceedings
  • Representation in pre and post-trial attachment, enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings


Foreigner’s Law
  • Obtaining work and residence permits